Rules & Eligibility

1.       Open to all ages from TEEN up through ADULT

2.       Any type of genre is supported including Documentary/Mockumentary and Animation

a.       We will accept a limited amount of "R" or "MA" rated films for showing on 1 of the nights but in general this is an all-ages show.

3.       Length must be under 10 minutes

a.       This includes all title, credits, outtakes etc...

4.       Must be a resident of Washington State

a.       We encourage the Author/Creator/Filmmaker to attend the public viewing but it's not required

5.       All submissions must be received by August 30th, 2015

6.       By submitting you are agreeing that you've secured all the necessary rights/licenses for both images and sound/music and that exhibition of your film will not infringe upon any rights (either for images, sounds, music or other content). 

7.       And by submitting you are granting the Black Dog Arts Coalition the right to use your film, in whole or in part, for promotional, archival, and other non-commercial uses.

How to Submit Your Film

1.       Create an account on Vimeo (

2.       Once you have an account and are logged in,

3.       Upload your video

a.       Include any info you want us to display in your Title & Description

                                                               i.      Title & Description must be appropriate for all ages

b.     Make sure the Privacy Settings allow us to view the video. If you choose to have it password protected, please provide the password along with the link to your video.

     ~Make sure Download the video is selected. In the event that your film is chosen, we will download the Vimeo version.  If you would like to supply a higher resolution version, we can provide a Dropbox link.

c.     Click the "Advanced" tab

                                                              i.      Select the "Content Rating"

                                                             ii.      Select the first "Attribution"  Creative Commons license in the list

4.       Send us the link to your awesome film!

a.       Email the Vimeo link to

b.      Copy and paste the following paragraph into the email


I have secured all necessary rights for the images, sounds/music and exhibition of this film will not infringe upon any rights. 
I also hereby grant the Black Dog Arts Coalition the right to use my film, in whole or in part, for promotional, archival, and other non-commercial uses.

What Next?

1.       We will review the films and contact all the filmmakers chosen

2.       Final films will be viewed live at the Black Dog Café in downtown Snoqualmie on September 10th & 11th, 2015

a.       This is open to the public @$10 per seat

b.      Authors/Creators/Filmmakers get in free

3.       Authors/Creators/Filmmakers will be contacted as to which night their films will be shown

4.       We will post the schedule for each day on our website ( showing the following:

a.       Film Title

b.      Artist name

c.       Description (copied from your entry)

All proceeds go to support the Black Dog Arts Coalition.  A non-profit org which strives to nurture, encourage and support artistic expression and education in order to create a rich arts culture in the Snoqualmie Valley.